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Brainstorm Your New Home

Your Home

With custom home construction, planning is crucial. There’s a guiding principle we use as a foundation for our building process:

“It’s your home.”

Sure, it’s a simple statement. But consider the implications.

“It’s your home” means:

1. The home design and floor plan need to be functional for you, not just another picture for our portfolio.

2. The construction quality needs to be sound, with quality features that will give you years of service, not a place where corners are cut to save us money now but cost you money down the road.

3. Your budget is of utmost importance, not a figure we try to inflate.

If our building experience causes us to have concerns or questions about your plans, we’ll talk with you to point out things you need to consider. We’ll take a firm stance on things that involve safety or quality. On matters of personal preference or taste, it’s your home.

Your Priorities

Defining “wants” and “needs” is a crucial part of the building process. Think about it this way. Many people want all the rooms on one level. A person with mobility issues needs all the rooms on one level. The difference is significant.

We help you with objective guidance, based on years of experience building and selling homes, as you prioritize and differentiate between wants and needs.

No matter how large your budget, choices will have to be made. Some will be easy. Many will be hard. We take the time to walk you through options, offering effective ideas and practical solutions.

Time is important. Feeling rushed or overwhelmed is counter-productive. We divide the decisions into manageable portions. With the time to think, you’ll be able to make sure that your needs are met and your wants considered.

We help you get what you need and what you want.